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KUZCO FOREVER xoxoxo <3333

lmfao omg I was like awww then Kuzco and I was just like asdfgghkll omg me :D

Perfection! =3

ehhh all of them hit the mark except the mulan one. Really? she had to be shown how to be a man? wow thats exceptional. im sure there were plenty of other things that would have worked that wouldnt be degrading to women. examples: accepted me for who I am or saved a whole country or defeated the Hun army.

Ah, but this was their first date, though, right?  I assume defeated the army and saved the country on their 2nd and 3rd dates

(lol idk it’s 3:30 in the morning here and i’m still awake)

I honestly dont think the training thing as their 1st date cuz he is training everyone, not just mulan. if anything i would say the 1st date was when they go to the emperor’s palace to fight the huns. also ha sorry yeah being up that early can have crazy effects on thought processes. 

YUP that makes a boatload of sense to me!

Ooooo but what about when they find out she’s a girl and he’s all like D=<

Could that have been a date (with everyone else just being snoopy and hanging around to know how it goes)?

haha considering how awkward that and how awkward some of my first dates have gone that would actually be pretty hillarious

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