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Of all Gobelins films, this is my favourite. The music and the animation are combined so good, also together with the colours, and I just get shivers all over. The characters are great too, and everything is just so smooth that I don’t even know where to go or what to do, I just…

Drown in this. This is what I want to do.

Ahh this was wonderful ;u;


On Friday, we’ll be airing a very special episode of Sesame Street.

A hurricane has swept through Sesame Street and everyone is working together to clean up the neighborhood. When Big Bird checks on his home, he is heartbroken to find that the storm has destroyed his nest. Big Bird’s friends and neighbors gather to show their support and let him know they can fix his home, but it will take time. While everyone on Sesame Street spends the next few days cleaning up and making repairs, Big Bird still has moments where he is sad, angry, and confused. His friends help him cope with his emotions by talking about what happened, drawing pictures together, and giving him lots of hugs. They also comfort Big Bird by offering him temporary places he can eat, sleep, and play. Big Bird remembers all the good times he had at his nest and realizes that once it is rebuilt, there are more good times and memories to come. Finally the day has come where most of the repairs to Big Bird’s home are done and his nest is complete. As he is about to try it out, though, the city nest inspector says it not safe, yet, because the mud isn’t dry. Big Bird is sad that he has to wait another day, but Snuffy comes to the rescue and blows the nest dry and he passes the test! Big Bird thanks everyone for being his friend and helping to rebuild his nest and his home.

Please check your local listings to see what time the episode will air on PBS.



i really love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about

things like art or science or everything and anything inbetween

hearing someone rant with love and passion is so fantastic

to see their eyes widen and watch their hands move, hear their speech quicken and know their heart is beating faster because every bit of their body just cares so much.

easily the biggest turn on

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