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You can do more than dispose of your disposable camera, LOTS more. We rounded up the coolest ones!

Top 20 Creative Ways to Use a Disposable Camera

Here’s the first 10! Check out our roundup for instructions.

1. Smack it to get a double exposure.

2. Use 2 disposable cameras to make 3D images.

3. Make it high-speed to capture balloons popping et .

4. Get experimental and damage the lens for sweet results.

5. Damage the film for even sweeter results - throw it in a pool, etc. You can do things to it that you can’t to a normal camera!

6. Make it a community project: tie it to a park bench with instructions and come back later to see who used it.

7. Send it on a world tour - Matthew McVickar mailed his disposable camera with instructions for mailmen to photograph with it.

8. Use cell phone lenses to get rad looking fisheye shots.

9. Use it again by making it reloadable!

10. Use lens and flash filters to make your photos 10x more colorful.


Space Shuttle Discovery.
Photo credit: Larry Tanner, USA

I don’t know what other life exists out there in space.I just find it amazing that we managed to build machines that brought us to the moon and beyond.

Always makes me wonder if from outer space they could not have done the same and visited us. I mean are we REALLY the only creatures in the whole infinity of this (or other) universe(s)?

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